The European Union has approved the allocation of 10 million euro to fund the ECO-GATE project (European COrridors for natural GAs Transport Efficiency) that will involve the construction of more than 20 gas-refueling stations. These are aimed to supply vehicular natural gas in the Atlantic and Mediterranean corridors of the road network of Spain, France, Germany and Portugal.


ECO-GATE is run by a consortium of more than 20 companies from Spain (21), Portugal (3), France/ Germany (1). As natural gas operators: Gas Natural Madrid, Enagas Transporte, Dourogás Natural, Endesa Energia, Agas Siglo XXI, Galp Energia, EDP, Repsol, Gas Natural Europe, Inversora Melofe and Molgas Energía.

The following participants contribute as providers of technologies and services: Cetil Dispensing Technology, Soltel It Solutions, Fundacion Cidaut, Evarm Innovacion, Tras-Os-Montes and Alto Douro University, Imdea Energía Foundation, Audigna, Ghenova Ingeniería or Madisa and as end users: Correos , San José López and EMT Palma.

Also acting as experts in market knowledge and promotion are: Gasnam, Port Authority of Gijón, Port Authority of Huelva, University of Santiago de Compostela and Soulman Insightful Thinking.


The European ECO-GATE project is one of the most ambitious in the conventional and renewable vehicular natural gas market with the deployment of infrastructures throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean Corridors via new technologies and innovative solutions. The main objective is to study conventional and renewable natural gas vehicle market in the whole Atlantic Corridor, its interconnection with Rhine-Danube Corridor until Heddesheim and the Spanish Mediterranean Corridor through new technologies and innovative solutions. These solutions are focused on supply logistic services, cleaner fuel composition, refueling infrastructure, vehicle and components manufacturers and operational process.

The financing of the European Union responds to the fact that the project contributes enormously to compliance with the European Directive 94/2014 and to the development of the natural gas market for mobility as an alternative fuel.

Fundacion Cidaut, as part of the technology providers, participates by contributing innovations in Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) solutions for CNG. This technology allows storing significantly more natural gas at lower pressures.


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