On December 1st, El Norte de Castilla organized a conference to bring the electric vehicle closer to the public.


Electromobility experts from the three companies exposed their point of view on the difficulties, opportunities and challenges for the electric vehicles promotion. The vehicle manufacturers presented their new innovations in the market and focused on the need of a continued support from the administration. The public needs a better understanding of the electromobility advantages and also a stable scenario of economic support to effectively promote the sale of this kind of vehicles. The strategy followed by different European countries was discussed, paying special attention to Norway and China. The first country has established many positive discrimination measures to promote the electric vehicle purchase and use and some provinces of China are working to facilitate the manufacturing and use of lightweight electric vehicles.

Regarding the development of electric vehicles, Cidaut presented some of the developments and innovations achieved in the last projects. Improvements on efficiency, the importance of energy harvesting to reduce the carbon footprint, the main technologies for weight optimization and the need to ensure the passive of electric vehicles were some of the targets presented.

Special attention was paid to the difficult compromise between lightweight and crashworthiness for small urban electric vehicles. The European Commission and also the users are asking for reduced size mobility solutions propelled by electricity but without renouncing to the passive safety. Cidaut is really concerned about this issue and showed the last crash simulations and real tests carried out in its facilities.