CIDAUT participates in the ECOS Congress presenting its progress in the ECOGATE project

10/22/2019 by cidaut

ECOS 2019 is the 32nd International Conference on Efficiency, Cost, Optimization, Simulation and Environmental Impact of Energy Systems which has been taken place in Wroclaw (Poland) between the 23rd and the 28th of June.

Main topics discussed during the conference have been exergy as a process optimization, ORC, thermal recovery, fuel cells, energy storage, renewable energy, combustion, etc.

Under ECOGATE Project it has been presented a CIDAUT’s paper entitled “Natural gas accumulation technology by adsorption (ANG): set-up of a measurement installation for charge and discharge processes in natural gas vehicles”: This paper gathers a wide study about the storage natural gas (ANG) with a novel technology in this field: adsorbed natural gas (ANG), which enables storing more energy per unit volume at the same pressure as the storage of compressed natural gas (CNG). This innovation allows the use of tanks that work at lower pressure (60 bar) with the consequential advantages: greater flexibility in the design of the tank, greater formability, lower refueling costs, the possibility of home refueling and greater security.

CIDAUT has carried out the characterization of the charging and discharging processes of this type of adsorbed natural gas storage systems in an experimental facility also developed within the scope of the ECO-GATE project.

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