On September 7th, the CIDAUT Foundation held the session “Generation of Renewable Thermal Energy in the residential and tertiary sector” corresponding to the International Course “Feel the energy … Life is on” organized by the BEST Association of the University of Valladolid. The sesions was organised in CIDAUT´S facilities at the Boecillo Technology Park.


The BEST organization (Board of European Students of Technology) is an international, apolitical and non-profit association formed by technological career students from all over Europe. It is present in 96 universities in 33 European countries.

The Autumn BEST Course 2017, held in Valladolid from September 3 to 12 and, was focused on knowledge about the present and future of the different energy production processes in Spain. It was attended by a total of 22 students from thirteen European nationalities such as Croatia, Macedonia, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Poland…

During the first part of the session, Henar Olmedo and Valentín Castaño, belonging to the Energy Area of CIDAUT, presented their knowledge about renewable thermal energy production systems. In particular, it was focused on those systmes that best adapt to residential and tertiary buildings and about the optimal conditions for its integration. In addition, it was showed the different European R & D projects in which CIDAUT participates in this field.


The second part of the session was devoted to know in a practical way different testing facilities available in CIDAUT for the development of renewable energy systems. The students could see in a tangible way the different testing facilities of CIDAUTas well as some of the main systems developed in CIDAUT. It was shown in a more special and detailed way the CIDERPLUS boilers for the generation of thermal energy from biomass and the thermal solar panels production facilities of CIDERSOL. Finally, in this last facility the students could see in a real way the automated production process of assembly of the CIDERSOL panels, as well as the manufacturing and storage facilities.

More information about BEST Association: http://bestvalladolid.org/

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