Expobiomasa 2017, the show organised by AVEBIOM (the Spanish Association for the Energy Recycling of Biomass), was held in Valladolid from 26 to 29 September 2017. The exhibition was set to bring together over 600 companies and firms in the biomass sector from 30 countries. This is an increase of 30 percent over the previous edition. Expobiomasa 2017 brought together in four days all the professionals involved in the thriving business of biomass.


The fair is not just an equipment exhibition and also includes different sessions and workshops where CIDAUT was present in an active way both as assistant and speaker.

11 International Conference Bioenergy:  “Bioenergy 4.0: challenges and opportunities”

The 11th International Congress of Bioenergy it was planned to connect digital 4.0 technologies with bioenergy companies, an essential sector for the decarbonisation of the economy. The digitalisation of this sector represents both a challenge and an opportunity and it is considered that those who are quick to incorporate digital economy systems into their processes and offer intelligent products and services will have an advantage over competitors.


CIDAUT attended the congress that was set to present the tools available to implement industry 4.0 in SMEs, the development of fourth-generation district heating & cooling, the use of smart meters. Finally, it was show their integration into energy management and look at the available technological solutions and success stories.

MOVBIO project in the technical presentations

Within the scope of the technical presentations, CIDAUT had the opportunity to present its MOVBIO project granted by the INTERREG V A España-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 program. The 28th September, Jose Ignacio Dominguez, the project manager of MOVBIO, presented the project, as well as the main objectives and tasks to be developed both by CIDAUT and the rest of the partners. The session was followed by numerous attendees, as well as by the AEMVA, another partner of the project.


MOVBIO will allow the valorisation of existing biomass that currently neither has a defined utilization circuit nor energy use due to its special characteristics. In particular, MOVBIO will facilitate the energy valorization of pruning biomass of agricultural and urban origin (pruning biomass of parks and gardens) by means of the evaluation of the technical and economic feasibility of adaptations on the processes of pretreatment and thermal utilization. It is also intends to help strengthen the business model making it more sustainable through the efficient use of residual biomass and the promotion of business innovation.


The same day, Jose Ignacio Dominguez also presented the latest innovations and developments carried out within the CIDERPLUS project developed by CIDAUT. Among these innovations it is worth highlighting the energy generation system EnergyBox (containerized biomass boilers). This system also includes energy hybridization proposals to make them more interesting to certain facilities and the development of computer applications for the control of the biomass recovery chain (Ciderplus 4.0).


Keywords: Expobiomasa2017, MOVBIO, CIDERPLUS