Two new different diffusion actions have been carried out within VULKANO H2020 Project.

The first one was the assistance to the 9th European Combustion Meeting between 14th and 18th of April in Lisbon (Portugal). It was presented the poster entitled: “Natural Gas replacement by syngas in Resource Energy Intensive Industries (REII) burners: numerical CFD evaluation”. This poster gathered the theoretical study for the natural gas substitution by syngas as well as the burner modifications required to achieve the VULKANO objective of co-firing syngas from 10% to 40% of substitution. More than 180 posters in combustion topics were presented by 120 different authors speaking about topics such as: laminar flames, turbulent flames, reaction kinetics, gas turbines, etc.

The second one was the assistance to the 11th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium from 16th to 20th of June in Tenerife, Spain. There, the last part of VULKANO progress was presented in the paper entitled “CFD approach in natural gas hybrid burners adapted for syngas combustion in REII”. This paper goes one step further in the design of new hybrid burners to achieve 100% of natural gas substitution by renewable gases such as process-off-gases and bio-syngases. Both works have been carried out in close collaboration with the Institute of Power Engineering of Warsaw (Poland).