The last dissemination event of the E-VECTOORC project was hosted in the Heritage Motor Center at Gaydon.

Three years after its launch, the E-VECTOORC consortium has organized the second and last workshop for stakeholders. This dissemination event was hosted in the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon (United Kingdom) on the 28th of August, and was organized jointly by Jaguar/Land Rover, the Ilmenau University of Technology and the University of Surrey. More than 60 attendees had the opportunity to get in contact with the vehicle demonstrator and the range extender.


During the project a Land Rover Evoque was modified to build up a fully electric demonstrator equipped with torque vectoring controller. This vehicle has four individual electric motors (switched reluctance electric motors) in order to create a 4WD individual wheel driven car. Each motor is able to give 200 Nm of torque. Also, the trailer range extender equipped with a Diesel generator of 20 kW was brought from Jaguar Land Rover Headquarter.

The goal and the main developments carried out during the project were pointed out by the E-VECTOORC coordinator, Aldo Sorniotti (Surrey University). Following that, different speakers showed the activities carried out in their tasks within the project: Demonstrator vehicle construction, Safety and reliability aspects of fully electric vehicles, Direct yaw moment controllers and Vehicle longitudinal dynamics and control.

During the last part of the meeting, the attendees to the 2nd E-VECTOORC Dissemination Event could take a look to the project demonstrator and the range extender attending a live demonstration of the car driving under different conditions.

You can find more information about the project and the events carried out so far in our website