Freemoby project has just passed its second review evaluation by the European Commission. Focused on the implementation of easy to deploy micro fully electrical vehicles (up to 650kg) and city EVs   (650-1000kg), freemoby is counting on renewable energy installations like solar energy in roof houses, solar parking and photovoltaic battery installations to attract a wider number of EV users impacting on efficiency, reduced energy waste and lowering the dependency on hydrocarbon.

During this second year, the project has achieved the main objective of demonstrating the technologies for home recharging and battery swapping. Three demonstrators have been built and tested for functionality in the recharge of electric vehicles.


Moreover the project has performed successfully recharging from on-board PV and the demonstration and the testing of a ASILC-compliant BMS with outstanding performances in terms of computational power.


Moreover, the project is following-up the dissemination of the results with the continuous participation in to events, fairs and conferences. Amongst them the most important have been a presentation in the USA at the Printed Electronics conference in Santa Clara, the participation to the European Nanoelectronic forum in Cannes and the Motor Show in Torino


At the same time, during this period CIDAUT has designed a structure that will act as building/home for validation purposes. This structure allocates twenty five photovoltaic panels, connecting them to the EVSE and the rack system, allowing the user to either charge the vehicle or make use of Freemoby’s partial swapping system. In order to design this structure, a load analysis has been carried out, including computer fluid dynamics calculations in order to evaluate the loads the panels are submitted to under different wind conditions. The selected loads have been used in the mechanical calculation and design cycle of the structure, thus resulting in the following.


In the upcoming period, CIDAUT will build this structure to use it as demonstrator in the Freemoby project. Keep informed of the project events and dissemination activities at