The system named as “ILLUMETRIC”, aimed to assess street lighting facilities, was presented in September in the United Kingdom during “The Professional Lighting Summit” congress, organised by the Institution of Lighting Professionals (ILP).

illumetric_1The ILLUMETRIC system, developed by CIDAUT and whose services are currently being commercialized by CIDRO, was presented during the last “The Professional Lighting Summit”  held in Solihull, near Birmingham. This is probably the most important event oriented to lighting professionals in the United Kingdom. The presentation of the system was done during two workshops, one each day of the congress, and attracted a very interesting group of assistants, including representatives of public administrations and private companies.

ILLUMETRIC uses a van equipped with a wide set of sensors and cameras conceived to perform surveys of street lighting facilities. The measures are registered with the vehicle in motion, driven at the speed of the roadway, which represents an enormous advantage with regards to traditional handheld measurement systems.

The system includes instrumentation to provide complete information about the levels of light and position of the luminaries, allowing advanced features like the creation of “light maps” or the inventory of light points. This information can be used in activities like energy efficiency audits, maintenance surveys, project acceptances, etc.

Beyond all doubt, ILLUMETRIC can be considered as one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the world, opening a whole field of opportunities related to the adequate use of energy to light our streets and roads.

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Illuminance map with the levels of light measured by the ILLUMETRIC system and represented in Google Earth (image ©Google)