CIDAUT presents Safe Strip’s midterm results at Go Mobility

12/21/2018 by cidaut

Go Mobility was held in Irun, Spain on November 27th and 28th

Go Mobility has been the first industrial exhibition of Southern Europe, it has attracted 70 exhibitors and 2150 professional visitors. The exhibition has brought together representatives of the electro-mobility ecosystem. Exhibition, demonstration, conference and round table have run in parallel to attract different professional profiles from students to cities.

An initial study of the satisfaction surveys filled in by the exhibitors and visitors shows that they rated the show positively as regards both the products on display and the conferences and side events. The exhibitors expressed their satisfaction with the


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Launch of SAFE STRIP project with the participation of CIDAUT.

09/12/2017 by cidaut

Safe Strip is the natural continuation of Safe Spot, where CIDAUT also played an important role.

SAFE STRIP aims to introduce a disruptive technology that will achieve to embed C-ITS applications in existing road infrastructure, including novel I2V and V2I, as well as VMS/VSL functions into low-cost, integrated strips markers on the road; to make roads self-explanatory (with personalised in-vehicle messages) and forgiving (due to advanced cooperative functions) for all road users (trucks, cars and vulnerable road users, such as PTWs riders) and all vehicle generations (non-equipped, C-ITS equipped, autonomous), with reduced maintenance cost, full recyclability and


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SafetyCube Plenary Meeting, Barcelona – March 2016

06/09/2016 by cidaut

On March 1-3, 2016, CIDAUT attended to Barcelona Plenary Meeting in order to discuss the progress and next steps of the SafetyCube project.


Within SafetyCube’s methodology workpackage, guidelines for literature search and for summarizing research results – including meta-analysis – have been developed, which together with the revised template for coding research studies, ensures a uniform way of addressing different risks and measures in different areas of interest. That way it will be possible to perform overall quantitative analyses over studies


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LIFE+ New Jersey Project event in Brussels: Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure in EU Regions

03/09/2015 by cidaut


On March 3rd, a diffusion event organized by the European Road Federation about works carried out on New Jersey project (New Generation of New-Jersey safe barriers using recycled materials and rubber form end-of-life tyres) took place. This event was held in Brussels, at the Committee of the Regions, the EU’s Assembly of Regional and Local Representatives, matching a meeting of the Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE) group of the Committee of the Regions.

All New Jersey Project


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