Digital twins are an enormous advance in engineering simulation. By using simulation software in conjunction with real-time operational data transmitted from a working product, and integrating this with digital information about the product, businesses can analyse how their products operate in real-world conditions, and make reliable predictions about future operation. Product performance and productivity can be optimised, while risks and costs are reduced.


This technology is a great step forward, with applications in all sectors: telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, transport, digital technology, construction, renewables, the automotive industry…

The good news is that this revolutionary technology is no longer the reserve of large manufacturers. Today, digital twins are accessible to all types of business (including SMEs and start-ups) and have a greater number of uses, for a wider range of products, every day.


ANSYS, one of the leading companies in this field with a wealth of experience in simulation, invites you to discover the fundamentals of digital-twin technology, and how it can transform your business.

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