The second General Assembly of VULKANO project took place at the city of Celje (Slovenia) on 5-6th July 2017.The meeting gathered 30 members from the consortium in order to review the general status of the project after the first twelve months of execution.


Along this time, the project has accomplished its objectives according to the working programme, providing consistent results:

  • Definition of the technical specifications and conceptual designs of the furnace for the two demos (steel and ceramic)
  • Conceptual designs for the energy solutions with high temperatures PCMs
  • Report on compositions of the new refractories blend
  • Feasibility of the natural gas substitution by the different syngas sources
  • Description of user requirements specifications for MC&S in industrial furnaces
  • Functional design specification for MC&S in industrial furnaces
  • Preliminary market analysis

With all these developments, the tasks to adapt the demo sites to the new solutions have already started. In fact, the meeting enabled the discussion between the demo sites leaders about the integration and implementation of the respective solutions at each demo.

As Task leader on WP5: Designing and validating of Co-firing systems, CIDAUT presented the results obtained in the feasibility assessment of natural gas substitution by alternative fuels (Co-firing) in furnaces. Several syngas streams were considered from biomass gasification and process off-gases from steal sector. The results of the assessment will be the input for CFD burner simulations of syngas/natural gas co-firing in following tasks.

The meeting ended the second day with a visit to Bosio’s factory and to Valji´s production plant, where the partners had the chance to know on site the existent conditions at the demo. In addition, they could also verify the manufacturing process of an industrial furnace for the steel sector.

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Keywords: VULKANO, co-firing, syngas, furnaces