3, 2, 1… Countdown for EVolution Prototypes Manufacturing

09/18/2015 by cidaut

The EVolution Project is nowadays crossing its midterm on its amazing journey. Our itinerary began with a Pininfarina city car concept (The Nido, a Full Electric Vehicle and with an Aluminium BiW), and hopefully will arrive to a vehicle prototyped with the most representative components (Under body, Structural node, Crash cross beam and crash box, Suspension mechanical sub-frame, and Side-door) developed in advanced metallic materials and reinforced composites. Joining and manufacturing technologies, as well as recyclability, modularity, ergonomics and safety are main topics considered within the developed activities. All of this without forgetting the main premise in all Electric Vehicle design: weight reduction.


Evolution work efforts are distributed in different Work Packages; those are related as the following graphic shows:


The first block is already reaching its final step: up-scaling of manufacturing technologies for components selected as real demonstrators in this project.


Once the first large block of work is finished, the prototypes will be manufactured and assembled for real test to validate previous stage design.

At the same time, an important work for Dissemination and Exploitation activities was developed during these last months. The impulse came from the Exploitation Strategy Seminar received.

It has been a short but interesting time; all partners are eager to start developing the prototypes and achieve the next stage. In the following months Evolution partners will demonstrate the potential of the designs and the materials in order to achieve the ambitious weight reduction target. Don’t forget to follow Evolution progress on our web site: http://evolutionproject.eu/

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