All partners of the ALMAGIC, -Contract No. 755515 is a Clean Sky 2 funded Project-, gathered for reviewing the work done during the first six months. This meeting took place at Helmholtz facilities (Germany) on 16-17 November 2017.

During the meeting a general revision of the status of the project was done. Each WP leader presented the work that had been developed, and any question or doubt was solved at the moment.


On the first day, the meeting was focused on the technical activities done during the first six months of the project. During this period the main work has been focused on WP1, WP2 and WP3, which are related with the developing of chromium-free alternative coatings for aluminium and magnesium. The last part of the first day was dedicated to explain the work plan of WP 5 (“Test and Validation”) concerning the different validation tests in the project.

The second meeting day was fully dedicated to the Management and Dissemination of ALMAGIC. The main aspects of the project were reviewed: deliverables, future meetings, etc. The meeting finalised with the visit HZG facilities, were shown and on the second day a brief tour to show the capabilities of the centre was organized.

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