ALMAGIC project last Review Meeting

The ALMAGIC Project, led by CIDAUT and granted by European Commission’s Clean Sky 2 Programme (Contract No. 755515), held its last review meeting on 16th May 2019 at CIDAUT´s premises in Valladolid (Spain).

Coinciding with the end of the project research activities, all Consortium partners and the Topic Leader (MTU Aero Engines) met to analyze in depth the general project results. To this end, during the meeting, the tasks performed along the project were discussed, and their main outcomes were evaluated. A showroom was organized, exhibiting all tested samples, in order to ease the inspection and evaluation of the testing results, encouraging fruitful discussions between the attendees. The meeting ended with a guided tour through CIDAUT’s facilities.

The different tests (corrosion, electrical conductivity, paintability and fatigue testing) performed on the Chromium(VI)-free innovative coatings for Mg- and Al-alloys suggest that there is a clear potential of substitution of these Cr(VI) pernicious coatings in the following years by means of further development of novel coating and paint formulations. From the discussions, the main improvement areas were also defined, as well as future lines of work.

It has been an awesome experience for CIDAUT to take part in ALMAGIC project as leader. Not only the project results have been of great interest for both the project partners and the topic leader, but also strong relationships with the rest of the partners have been built. We are looking forward to exploring future collaboration opportunities in the future and continue progressing in the development of innovative Cr(VI)-free coatings.

New non-toxic coatings for alloys in ALMAGIC project

The ALMAGIC Project (Contract No. 755515 of the Clean Sky 2 program) continues its journey.  A new meeting was held to monitor the status of the project in the facilities of Delft University of Technology in Delft (Netherlands) last 22nd of November.

During this project the partners have developed some innovative non-toxic coatings that effectively prevent aluminium and magnesium alloys from corroding. Each partner exposed the results obtained and showed some of their most successful coatings to the rest of the consortium in situ.

In the months remaining to complete the project, the validation and characterization tests of these coatings will be carried out at CIDAUT’s facilities. For more information on ALMAGIC, please visit

ALMAGIC project continues with their Second Review Meeting

The ALMAGIC Project led by CIDAUT and granted by the Clean Sky 2 programme (Contract No. 755515), held its second review meeting on 15-16th May 2018 at HENKEL´s premises in Düsseldorf (Germany).

The progress of the project in the study of the substitution of hexavalent chromium in the aerospace materials by developing alternative conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium was shown. Each partner exposed the results obtained and the next actions.

Finally, a review of the transversal activities such as management and dissemination activities was conducted. And the meeting was completed with a workshop about on paintings presented by Peter Visser of AkzoNobel.

For more information on ALMAGIC, please visit

First Consortium Meeting of ALMAGIC project

All partners of the ALMAGIC, -Contract No. 755515 is a Clean Sky 2 funded Project-, gathered for reviewing the work done during the first six months. This meeting took place at Helmholtz facilities (Germany) on 16-17 November 2017.

During the meeting a general revision of the status of the project was done. Each WP leader presented the work that had been developed, and any question or doubt was solved at the moment.


On the first day, the meeting was focused on the technical activities done during the first six months of the project. During this period the main work has been focused on WP1, WP2 and WP3, which are related with the developing of chromium-free alternative coatings for aluminium and magnesium. The last part of the first day was dedicated to explain the work plan of WP 5 (“Test and Validation”) concerning the different validation tests in the project.

The second meeting day was fully dedicated to the Management and Dissemination of ALMAGIC. The main aspects of the project were reviewed: deliverables, future meetings, etc. The meeting finalised with the visit HZG facilities, were shown and on the second day a brief tour to show the capabilities of the centre was organized.

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ALMAGIC project kick-off meeting

The ALMAGIC consortium met in Munich last July 13-14th to kick-off the project. All partners gathered at “MTU Aereo Engines AG” facilities to present the working plan and the tasks to be carried out during the next 18 months.

ALMAGIC, Contract No. 755515  is a Clean Sky 2 funded Project, “Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings”, aims at contributing to the advance of substitution of hexavalent chromium in the aerospace materials by developing and manufacturing alternative conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium, with a special focus on the characterization of these alternative coatings ensuring standards of quality required by the aerospace industry.


All partners introduced their companies, highlighting their respective role in the project: AKZO NOBEL, HELMHOLTZ, HENKEL, TUDELFT and UCM are coordinated by CIDAUT.

During the meeting, all work package leaders presented their work plan. At the same time a workshop was organized, where the project tasks were managed in detail for each of the work packages. For this, the Lean Project Management methodology was used.

In ALMAGIC, CIDAUT will lead the project and will also be responsible for the characterization and validation of the alternative coatings developed during the project.