A new meeting was held to monitor the MOVBIO project in the facilities of the Center for Waste Valorisation (CVR) in Guimarães (Portugal) on January 18th and partners of Portugal and Spain with representatives of all project activities attended the meeting. The progress of the project in the study of the potential of pruning biomass for energy use in the north of Portugal and Castilla-León was shown. One of the purposes of the meeting was to establish the contents of the project’s website (www.movbio.eu) and the following milestones of the project aimed at preparing the final biomass potential report. The definition of case studies in which to validate the use of this biomass and the interaction with other projects related to the use of pruning such as the UP-running and BIOMASA-AP projects was also evaluated.


This meeting was completed the next day with a technical conference that included a demonstration in the field. It was possible to verify the pruning techniques of actinidia (kiwi) and of the vine, as well as its collection in the field for future energy use. Both species present a great potential in the north of Portugal and are of great interest in the scope of the MOVBIO project.


This project is co-financed by the programme of cooperation INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 and will run until December 2019.

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