The latest HYACINTH progress meeting was held at Aberdeen (UK) in October 5th, 2016. During the meeting, each Work Package Leader summarized the results obtained, deliverables and milestones achieved.

The meeting started with completed Work Packages (Context Analysis, Methodological Design and Data collection). Later on, work packages in progress (Data Analysis and interpretations, Development of Management toolbox and finally, Dissemination) were reviewed. The results of the stakeholder survey and general findings on public acceptance were discussed. Additionally, a brief pilot demo on the Stakeholder Acceptance Management Tool was made by WP6 leader. Finally, the coordinator explained the foreseen dissemination activities, workshops and conferences where the results will be presented.


The meeting was hosted by the Aberdeen City Council, a relevant partner of the consortium and with hydrogen demo projects in development. The project Consortium had the chance to visit the Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Facilities developed in the context of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project. This initiative comprises the High V.LO-City and HyTransit projects. The HyTransit project has delivered the hydrogen station as well as 6 fuel cell buses, while the High V.LO-City project has added another 4 buses to the fleet.

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hyacinth_4The HYACINTH project has received funding from the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU) under Grant Agreement Nº621228.