On 31ST January 2018, the second VALORCOMP project meeting took place at the CIDAUT Foundation facilities in Boecillo (Valladolid). The meeting was attended by the whole consortium with representatives of all project activities.


The meeting started with a brief technical review of the activities that are being carried out in the framework of thermochemical, material and agronomic use of compost within the project. Each partner exposed the results obtained and the next actions. In a common way, the problem associated with the presence of glass and inert material was pointed out and it will be important in future activities. On behalf of the main industrial partner of the project, Resíduos do Nordeste, emphasis was placed on the concept of Biorefinery to which the waste treatment centers will migrate, as well as the concept of Circular Economy that underlies the entire VALORCOMP project.

Another the relevant point of the meeting was the presentation of the project logo, which has already been accepted by the consortium. The designed logo tries to encompass the three fields of action of exploitation of VALORCOMP project represented by the three circles, deepening in the idea of Circular Economy.

valorcomp_2At the same time, it was made the presentation of the project’s website which is already operational: http://www.valorcomp.ipb.pt. This website will be the showcase of dissemination where the results of the project will be published, as well as all the relevant information, news and events generated. As more content is generated, the information will be expanded, as well as expanding the dissemination channels.

Finally, the calendar of the next meetings was set, which will be held at the facilities of the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança and Resíduos do Nordeste in April and July 2018 respectively.

This project is co-financed by the programme of cooperation INTERREG V-A Spain-Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 and will run until September 2019. Project VALORCOMP aims to contribute cooperatively to solve cross-border problems in the valorisation of waste generated in the treatment of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste.


Tags: VALORCOMP, compost, residues, POCTEP