ALMAGIC project kick-off meeting

The ALMAGIC consortium met in Munich last July 13-14th to kick-off the project. All partners gathered at “MTU Aereo Engines AG” facilities to present the working plan and the tasks to be carried out during the next 18 months.

ALMAGIC, Contract No. 755515  is a Clean Sky 2 funded Project, “Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys Green Innovative Coatings”, aims at contributing to the advance of substitution of hexavalent chromium in the aerospace materials by developing and manufacturing alternative conversion coatings for aluminium and magnesium, with a special focus on the characterization of these alternative coatings ensuring standards of quality required by the aerospace industry.


All partners introduced their companies, highlighting their respective role in the project: AKZO NOBEL, HELMHOLTZ, HENKEL, TUDELFT and UCM are coordinated by CIDAUT.

During the meeting, all work package leaders presented their work plan. At the same time a workshop was organized, where the project tasks were managed in detail for each of the work packages. For this, the Lean Project Management methodology was used.

In ALMAGIC, CIDAUT will lead the project and will also be responsible for the characterization and validation of the alternative coatings developed during the project.

ALIVE project final days


The Aachen Body Engineering Days (ABED), which took place on the 20-21st of September in the facilities of the ALIVE partner IKA, at the RWTH Aaachen University, became the platform to present the final results of ALIVE and ENLIGHT, being the flagship R&D projects funded by the EC in the domain of vehicle lightweighting. A workshop on the 22nd of September and a booth with the demonstrators was dedicated to the SEAM cluster projects. ALIVE demonstrators were showcased in this event, which was a success, counting on the presence of more than 100 attendees during the conferences who generated interesting debates related to project results. Different dissemination audiences targeted in the project also did attend and contribute to the event, including policymakers (European Commission Project Officer Mr. Maurizio Maggiore) and external industrial and research peers form the wider lightweight community. The final plenary session was also wrapped up with specific guidelines and recommendations towards future policy making and follow-up R&D initiatives in the field.

During this project CIDAUT has developed an innovative magnesium casting methodology, its control an application to automotive components, which was demonstrated in this project by prototyping a component on the roof (roof node). Magnesium is currently the focus of the Remaghic project were the high pressure die casting is featured as the manufacturing process, and recycling of magnesium and rare earths, and alloying both recycled sources to form a better and cost effective alloy is being carried out. After the ALIVE experience, we will be looking forward to new collaborations opportunities to increase magnesium utilization in the industry.

Remaghic Mid Term Review and upcoming events


Partners of the Remaghic project met at the European Commission the past 2nd of February to present the project status after eighteen months of research. The project so far has developed a magnesium recycling methodology for magnesium scrap and scum with the collaboration of CIDAUT with Grupo Antolín, in which recycling efficiencies of 80% have been achieved. This work done at laboratory level will be upscaled in the second half of the project to reach a TRL of 7.

A lot of effort in the Remaghic project has been devoted to the recycling rare earths. Different processes are featured in the project, from solvent extraction, hydrometallurgical treatments, thermal and pyrometallurgical treatments and molten salt extraction. These processes have been combined and intertwined to optimize efficiencies and yields and the work done on each selected residue stream will be soon presented at the European Rare Earth Resources (ERES) conference next May in Santorini, Greece by partners of the Remaghic Consortium Tecnalia, KU Leuven and Relight.

The involvement of the project end users has proven to be very important in the alloy requirement definition in order to help focus the rare earth recycling processes to the specific elements that have been selected to improve the recycled magnesium mechanical performance.


Finally, Life Cycle Analysis has endeavored to look at each of the processes and their environmental indicators. Merging different processes, at different technology readiness status, and balancing technical, economical and environmental indicators is a complex task coming ahead for this project in which the life cycle analysis and life cycle costing analysis will play an important role to guide the decisions that the project will need to take.

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Remaghic general meeting


The REMAGHIC project continues its journey. On the 1st of February started the sixth month of work. Work packages 1 and 2, are in full swing, with the analysis of the main sources of waste, and at the same time preliminary work with the life-cycle assessment (WP5) has begun. All these tasks have been accompanied by the management and dissemination and communication works (WP6 and Wp7).

On 24th– 25th of February 2016 the general meeting of all the consortium will be held at CIDAUT Foundation facilities, CIDAUT is the project coordinator. The meeting will focus on reviewing the status of the work performed and planning tasks for the next 6 months including an overview of next year.

Complementing all these activities, this meeting will be used to perform two workshops, one about LCCA and other about risk management.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the facilities of CIDAUT Foundation.

REMAGHIC project kick-off meeting held in Brussels.

Last September 10th, the REMAGIHC consortium met in Brussels to kick-off the project. All partners gathered at Covenant Building, headquarters of DG RTD, to present the working plan and the tasks to be carried out during the first year of the project.

REMAGHIC, New Recovery Processes to produce Rare Earth-Magnesium Alloys of High Performance and Low Cost, aims at contributing to Europe’s rare earth recovery and magnesium recycling technologies, improving the efficiencies of these processes and advancing the technology readiness levels for a new generation of industrial processes that will produce new low cost competitive alloys for a wide variety of sectors across Europe’s manufacturing value chain.

All partners introduced their companies to the EC Project Officer, highlighting their respective role in the project: Fraunhofer ICT, Fundación TECNALIA, Catholic University of Leuven, Grupo Antolin, Relight, ITRB, Piaggio Aero, Pininfarina and Meotec are coordinated by Fundación CIDAUT.

During the meeting, all work package leaders presented their work plan for the first year of the project. REMAGHIC will start by defining the best way to recover the rare earth elements from industrial wastes, and the magnesium alloy from the scrap, dross & slug. The specific REE will be then used to alloy with recycled magnesium in order to obtain cheaper alloys to be used by Grupo Antolin in their casting facilities and tested to check they achieve with the end users request.


At the same time, the dissemination activities started by defining the project logo and the contents on the public website. This work package is also responsible for setting the Advisory Board; this is formed by industries interested in REMAGHIC results, and will act as test ground for the application of the developed framework and specific applications.


On the following month REMAGHIC consortium will start updating the public website with news related to REE recovery as well as the partial results achieved by the project. Once the public deliverables are approved by the EC, they will also be uploaded in the website. So do not forget to follow from December 2015 on our website in order to be updated on REMAGHIC!